About Kippy

She's magical.  She was born in 1965.  Her scientific name is Aristocrat Mainliner, but her friends call her Kippy.

We re-did her insides and gave her a fresh mani/pedi.  There are sparkles and ruffles and pops of aqua and pink everywhere.  It's impossible to be grumpy when you're hanging out with Kippy.  She's just so cheerful.  All. The. Time.

Many many many thanks to our amazing families, beaus, hubs and the various hardware store employees who patiently listened to our ridiculous questions.  Kippy would not be the cherry covered gumdrop she is today without all of your help.


  1. so...how did kippy get her name?

  2. People used to say "kippy" in the 1930's. It meant "neat". We thought that was a super cute name. The DING DING part we added later because that's the sound an old bell makes and we're always on the move. Thanks for your interest!!